Sail to Desktop

Avast ye, matey! Look who's decided to grace us with their presence on a trusty mobile/tablet!

Ain't it a right honor to have ye here to partake in this fine game? Alas, I must inform ye that the only place ye can partake in this swashbucklin' adventure be on the grand ol'  desktop. So, be a good sport and set sail over there to savor the treasure trove of gaming delights!


Shibui Labs reserves the right to disqualify anyone suspected of "botting" or "gaming the system" or playing the game in any manner not intended by Shibui Labs. You agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by playing this game. All Rights Reserved Shibui Labs, LLC 2023.


Creating a Profile:
  • Enter your Twitter Name i.e. @shilldianajones (make sure to use the @ symbol)
  • Enter the community you would like to represent i.e. AZUKI, BAYC, OCB (we will host extra prizes for top communities, more details coming soon)
  • Enter the ETH MetaMask address you would like to WhiteList for Presale
  • Enter Password (remember or write it down so you may return to your profile)
  • If you want to come back to play and there is no login option, please clear for cache and enter your login
  • Enjoy ye maggots, and may the winds be ever in your sails!

What’s the catch?

  • Beat level 5 and you will be able to mint 10 Pirates at WL price
  • Beat everyone and get first on the leaderboard and receive a 1/1 Legend


  • A - Punch
  • S - Kick
  • D - Block
  • Space - Jump
  • Arrow Keys - Move